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Emergency tools to take with you in case your safari breaks down

October 15, 2017

A person who has ever suffered from such a situation before understands the importance of bringing an emergency tool kit with him when going on a safari. You cannot predict that what kind of situation you are going to face during your journey. Your safari can break down at any time even if it is in an excellent condition at the start of your journey.

Emergencies do not ask for an invitation and when you’re on a safari trip, you can’t afford to take any risks because if your safari breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you won’t be able to find any mechanic there. Unfortunately, there are some places where mobile services also don’t work. So, you should prepare yourself before going for a safari tour.

You must prepare your emergency toolkit by adding some garage tools into it so that you can deal with such situations easily. You can even watch some tutorials on Youtube where you’ll get to learn that how you can use these tools if you get stuck in a problem.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the tools that you must keep with you when going for a safari tour so that you can use them in case of an emergency.

Take a look at these tools and prepare yourself for a safe and successful journey.

Flash Light

One of the most important items that you must keep in your emergency kit is the flashlight. This flashlight can be used in different situations.

What if the car batteries stop working or the engine blows up at night, how would you deal with this problem if you don’t have a light with you? You can even use the flash to ask for help.

Don’t forget to keep the extra batteries with you because the flashlight won’t be working if the batteries inside it have been drained.


Multi-tools are very popular when it comes to preparing your emergency kit. The reason why they are popular is that they do not cover a wide space and they help you perform lots of tasks. Usually, wire cutters, screwdriver, files, scissors, pliers, and knives are included in the multi-tools. You’ll not only be using this tool in case of an emergency but you’ll also find it extremely helpful in your regular use.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes, you may get yourself into a collision because roads are completely unpredictable when you’re on a safari tour. A minor injury may turn to become a major one if you don’t have the first aid kit with you. So, it’s important that you keep the first aid kit with you so that you can deal with the emergency situation.…

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