The Top Rated Safari’s With Beautiful Weather in Africa

In Africa, many people dream in fulfillment. Here you will find the best safari’s with the most beautiful savannas and wildest animals. Chances are you’ll see “The Big Five” – ​​elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros. Here we give inspiration to Africa’s best safari countries, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. And the lovely safari package to long for.

South Africa – the safari mainland

If you go to safari it is usually South Africa on the ticket. South Africa is Africa’s southernmost country with one coast against the Indian Ocean and others towards the Atlantic. On a safari here you can see “The Big Five”, giraffes, antelopes, hippos and crocodiles. The best safari’s go to Krüger National Park in the north, but also east and south have nice parks. Here are a lot of safari tours in open Landrovers, which provide a very special and natural nature to safari in. Many who go on a safari combine the trip with Cape Town and the Garden Route, the scenic drive along the south coast. In addition to the safari and big city, the country offers vineyards, perfect surfing opportunities and lovely beaches.

Kenya – combine safari with swimming

Kenya is in East Africa on the Indian Ocean and is the most common safari target with South Africa. Here you will find plenty of wildlife and you will experience a true and unique safari. Well-known parks are Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli and Tsavo West. Combine safari with a week of relaxation in the sun lounger at Mombasa or on the spice of Zanzibar. Travel here with both Apollo and Fritidsresor also has charter trips here.

Botswana – untouched safari beauty

Botswana is located in southern Africa and here you will have a safari experience without traces of mass tourism. A large part of the country is a national park. Best safari is available at the reserve at the Inland Delta of Okavango, with a rich birdlife. This park is seen as a true safari experience. Other good parks are Chobe National Park with many elephants and Moremi where you meet some wild dogs.

Namibia – where the desert meets the sea

Namibia is located at the bottom of the southwest corner of Africa and offers a fantastic safari in desert environment. According to the top rated home weather station by MobileSiri, here you will find an unspoiled and uninhabited wilderness with many animals, like the black rhino. In well-known Etosha, you can indulge in all the big animals and 350 bird species and in the Skeleton Coast Park, the desert meets the ocean and creates a truly unique environment. Waterberg is a smaller park that is perfect for those who want to start on a small scale.

Tanzania – night safari with a touch of Zanzibar

Tanzania is located in East Africa and has some of Africa’s best national parks that offer an unbeatable safari. Serengeti is the national park’s national park and here you will have a true night-time experience with all the classic savannah animals. The Ngorongoro Crater is another popular park to visit for a peak safari. It is common to combine a safari with a week’s relaxation in the sun lounging in Seychelles, Mauritius or on the spice of Zanzibar.

No matter what African safari you choose, you’re bound to have a good time.  Just make sure to follow the safety tips from the tour guides and bring your camera!

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