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Combining Conservation and Development in Poor Countries


Global Climate Change:

Howard A. Latin
Distinguished Professor of Law
and Justice John J. Francis Scholar
Rutgers School of Law at Newark

Publication: May 2012
World Scientific Publishing Co.
Discounted Price: $22.50

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Biodiversity Conservation

EcoVitality was founded in 1998 by Professor Howard Latin after he spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in South Africa. It is a non-profit organization set up to preserve nature in remote areas of developing nations where most of Earth's biodiversity is found. Professor Latin's conservation approach has created economic-incentive programs to help persuade people in poor remote regions that they can get what they want most, greater economic and social welfare, by preserving nature in their areas rather than by exploiting natural resources unsustainably.

EcoVitality is a small, all-volunteer group that experimented with various projects including value-added wood products, semi-precious stones, safaris and trekking tours, aquarium fish sales, and other attempts to improve the revenues and pride of people in poor remote areas while giving them a compelling reason to protect their local resources. However, we could not raise sufficient funding in the several years after the 9/11 tragedy to maintain our economic-incentive programs on a lasting basis. As a result, EcoVitality has instead become an environmental education enterprise.